Take a breath- Relax a minute, and let me tell you what we can offer you…

  • An easily accessible facility (55th & Garnett- quick access off of Hwy169, OR the Broken Arrow Expressway Hwy51)
  • A clean, peaceful, professional environment- geared toward health & well-being.
  • An appointment set for you, so you know when you can accomplish your goal!
  • A caring & professional staff with years of experience and compassion- as we have many children in our lives as well.
  • A quick, comprehensive, all encompassing exam- based on your organizations requirements & requests.
  • Financial support for your athletic organization… If we’re not already set-up with their program, help us help them by getting contact info so we can get money flowing in their direction!

My name is Dr. Larry Ward. Along with my partner & fellow Chiropractic Physician Dr. Rebecca Ward, we have a health oriented practice, with service in mind. A professional quality environment for your ease of eye & mind. A peaceful and tranquil place to get a smile & excellent service- all with your time in mind.

Let’s face it… many facilities can offer a physical exam- WE want to make a difference in our community, our relationships, and make it a win- win situation for all concerned. This is why we want to give back- we simply need the athletic programs exam requirements or physical form, and the athletic departments info- (whom to contact), and its done!

FEEL GOOD that your making a difference as well!    See You soon!